My work at

Sky Store. The easy way to buy or rent movies or Buy & Keep Box Sets. Whether you have Sky TV or not, you can watch the latest movies and Box Sets. 


We took a lean UX approach to our design, quickly creating prototypes, which were validated and tested.  Results were analysed with the feedback used to learn and improve.


Navigation model testing

Initially we tested several different navigation paradigms to see what users preferred. The main problem to overcome was making sure the navigation worked well with a TV remote control.


AB Testing

After initial testing feedback, we iterated our design of the preferred model, presenting our findings and solutions with weekly updates to project managers and senior stakeholders. 



Further formative testing and analysis allowed us to incrementally improve our design. 


Information architecture validation

Making sure not only that the IA worked and was easy to navigate, but also that it was robust and flexible enough to cater for additional content and new features.


Design exploration

As the product matured, we constantly explored new ways of taking the product to the next level. 



Working closely with team members to stay ahead of issues and make sure key milestones of the project were delivered on time.


Each section of the mobile app was designed to function independently. This approach allowed us to work alongside the agile, sprint driven development team, attending daily scrum meetings to tackle problems as they surfaced.


By constantly reviewing the application as it was being developed, we were able to provide constant constructive feedback to help elevate the overall quality.


Prototyping for web presented a new range of challenges. A responsive site not only has to deal with the screen sizes, but also the type of interaction that best suits the device.