My work at

Sky Q is Sky's next-generation TV platform, bringing Sky TV to multiple rooms, screens and devices for a “fluid viewing” experience - complete with 4K Ultra HD content.


 Sketched, scamped, created wireframes and prototypes to communicate design interaction concepts, which were quickly shared and iterated.
Heavily involved with designers, project managers and engineers to highlight issues, provide asset support, delivery estimations and check feasibility. 
Gained a deep technical knowledge of the underlying application structure , its information architecture, and heuristics . This allowed me to contribute significantly to design decisions.  

Produced higher fidelity and more complex prototypes as the design process progressed. Full integration into Sky's catalogue and API was essential as we discovered that having the correct content available had a large impact on a user's trust and perception of the application.


Helped to organise, provided technical support and participated as an observer in several user interviews and usability test sessions.

Prototyped new functionality as well as iterative improvements on key user journeys, in terms of their efficiency, effectiveness and satisfaction.

    Set up larger, unmoderated remote sessions to analyse key user behaviour patterns. Coupled with Google Analytics, we were able to gain insight into how the grouping and layout of the content affected its discovery.


Liased with Sky's new European partners to give them a full understanding of how the Sky Q product would work in their respective countries.

Localized the applications to show the flexibility of the design.

Fully reviewed to highlight any issues and potential conflicts in the information architecture.